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19 thoughts on “Sign the Petition to Keep the Coyotes

  1. Cindy Taylor on said:

    Best team in Phoenix they need to stay in the desert. Go Yotes!

  2. Mark Arnold on said:

    Best entertainment for the money. Moved here from KC in 2006 first game was the Flyers been a partial and now a full season ticket holder since. We need this team here.

  3. Karen on said:

    so many of us are from back east where hockey is the real deal, we need to keep hocky going in the desert for all us midwesterners.

  4. Chris Webber on said:

    Have to keep these guys here I love my yotes

  5. If the Coyotes leave Phoenix, it would be a huge blow to the Valley sports market (and the State in general). The presence of an NHL team is attractive to many who move here from the Midwest and other hockey-crazed areas. Support the Yotes!!

  6. Donald MacDuffie on said:

    The team that is out there breaking all records is a result of what has been accomplished by the fans and management here in the valley. It would be a crying shame if we were to win the cup and not get to keep it in the valley. Lets get ownership and keep the Yotes in Glendale.

  7. Maria Jones on said:

    Keep the Coyotes here!! They are our team. Enjoy going to the games. Get out and support this great team. Support the Westgate area. I am a full season ticket holder.
    This team is good for Glendale and all of Arizona.

  8. I came from a town with no pro teams hockey gives the perfect alternative to basketball. Keep yotes HERE.

  9. Sarah Whitlow on said:

    Don’t take our Coyotes….

  10. Jeff S on said:

    NY Rangers fan who moved here in 2001… I have supported the Coyotes for 11 years and would really like to see more fans out at the regular season games. The NHL is an incredible league and there are fantastic hockey fans out here in the Desert ! Please support the Coyotes and all the great people that make it possible.

  11. christina on said:

    help us keep our coyotes!!

  12. James Oliver on said:

    Phoenix is a big city. Other big cities have hockey teams, so why not us? I watch them on t.v. and I am an all around sports fan, not just basketball, football, bit all sports. Please keep my Coyotes here.

    • Bruce J. Griffis on said:

      I am not an arena sports fan, however, Glendale needs a sports draw. The Coyotes are the best thing going

  13. Vash01 on said:

    I love the Coyotes. Please support this fantastic team.

  14. Don Wheelen on said:

    Go, Yotes!

  15. George Fronske on said:

    To have a major league sports environment we need the Coyotes to stayin the Valley. We owe it to the inspired play of the Coyotes during the season and in the post season. And we need to keep Shane Doan, if the Coyotes leave I suspect that Doan will not leave and retire.

  16. Deb – The Coyotes started in AZ and should stay in AZ!!!! We have lost too many of our players/teams in all sports to other states or have been completely dis-banned. Help keep our own here in AZ!!!

  17. david shipley on said:

    The Coyotes are RABID for the Stanley Cup.let’get bitten!

  18. Kelly May on said:

    Let’s just do the right thing and keep the Coyotes here where they belong!!

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